About Us

Welcome to Goldust Nail Lounge! We are the destination of nails and skincare services in heart of Westside Albuquerque. Getting your nails done should be an indulgence and we understand this. Our salon is more than just an ordinary nail salon, we are the place where you can come and escape from your everyday stress and busy life. Come and relax in our ultramodern environment and be pampered with genuine care. Our goal is to build relationships with our customers by providing the highest and safest levels of services. We offer complimentary non-alcoholic beverage with every service.

Among a plethora of nail salons in Albuquerque New Mexico, Goldust Nail Lounge distinguishes itself by offering our clients a professional and safe experience. Choose us if you fancy being pretty on the outside and healthy on the inside.
  • Professional Technicians: Our staffs are licensed and experienced. They’re also good listeners who will try their best to make every nail set gorgeous and exceptional. If you have had a day, feel free to fall asleep on one of our patented pedicure chairs or on a relaxing facial bed.
  • High-quality Products: We have no room for low-quality products that might contain toxic and harmful chemicals. Only organic and natural products from trusting brands that are guaranteed to be gentle on your nails and skin.
  • Rigorous Hygiene Condition: We guarantee a daily-disinfected space, sterilized-equipment, and disposable tool usage. We’re also a strict adherent to the CDC’s guidelines. We value your safety above all.
  • Fancy an inside-out beauty? Goldust Nail Lounge is your answer!


  • At our salon, we offer 100% disposable Jet-Liners™️ pedicure chairs powered by CONTEGO SPA INC. Say NO to cross contamination (magnetic jet) and YES to clean & happy feet (Jet-Liners™️). Jet-Liners™️ are the next generation of pedicure spa jets! Our technology can protect you from foot infections caused by using magnetic jets. If magnetic jets are not cleaned properly, cross-contamination of bacteria from the previous client can still exist in your foot bath. With our patented jet-liner™️ technology, CONTEGO stands alone as the only comprehensive solution.
  • Goldust Nail Lounge is the next level of modern salons providing you the latest generation of nail trends and natural organic products. We provide organic and herbal spa products which ingredients are 100% naturally derived, NO Phthalates/NO, GMO, petroleums and synthetic fragrance. All of our polishes are at least 7-free, meaning free from formaldehyde, formaldehyde resins, camphor, toluene, and DBP. Many reactions, redness, sensitivities can be caused by chemicals, such as fragrance and parabens. Choosing organic helps to eliminate these unnecessary ingredients, creating a safe, effective product from the best that nature can offer.
  • We pledge to provide the highest industry standards when it comes to your safety and comfort. We use brand new nail files, buffers, and pumice stones for every client and discard after each use. All metal instruments used during your nail service have been sterilized in a hospital grade Autoclave. Implements are pre-cleaned with soap and water, dried, sealed into a sterilization envelope, and autoclaves. The autoclave subjects them to high pressure and saturated steam at 249° F. They remain sterile inside the envelope until your service begins. Autoclaving is the highest level of sterilization and is standard procedure at medical facilities in the U.S. (in accordance with AMA, FDA & EPA guidelines).